The Effect of E-Bike Incentive Programs on Adoption

LEVER researchers MacArthur, Bennett, and McQueen (PSU) and Cherry (UTK) conduct research on the effect of e-bike incentives on adoption. The first step in this effort was to assess e-bike incentive programs and how they are used to stimulate the market. That early work, funded by People for Bikes, was pivotal in developing an early white paper (link below) that identifies how incentives can nudge purchase behavior. This work also includes a policy simulator tool that allows users to identify how effective different incentives may be at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This work is followed by ongoing research funded by the Transportation Research and Education Center (TREC) and People for Bikes that aims to understand individual-level purchase preferences using experimental stated preference methods to understand the levels of incentives and attributes of e-bikes that would cause the highest level of adoption. Our work has been heavily cited and referenced in ongoing incentive policy at state and federal levels.

Project Brief