Health Impacts of Emission from Electric and Traditional Motorized Transportation Modes in China

The study compared the emissions and environmental health impacts of the use of conventional vehicles and electric vehicles in 34 major cities in China. The study focuses on electric cars, electric two-wheelers including electric bicycles, and light electric scooters in China. The study follows a conventional risk assessment framework and is based on pollutant intake. The study estimated exposure from emissions generated at more than 100 fossils EGUs. The study employed point estimates for input parameters and conducted a Monte Carlo simulation to identify the sensitivity. The study also illustrated an example of the policy significance of the research by considering a deployment scenario for Shanghai. The findings highlight the importance of considering exposures, and especially the proximity of emissions to people when evaluating the environmental health impacts of EVs.

Electric Vehicle in China: emission and health impacts.
Environmental Justice Aspects of Exposure to PM2.5 Emissions from Electric Vehicle Use in China.

National Science Foundation