Electric Bike Sharing-Evaluation of System Impacts

This published work presents the first-year operational experience of CycleUshare, an e-bike sharing system in the campus of the University of Tennessee Knoxville that combined bike-sharing with and e-bike. CycleUshare is North America’s first e-bike-sharing system that offered a sustainable transportation option for students, faculty, and staff. The CycleUshare system had two stations and was launched as a small pilot project to study the technology and its users’ experiences. The data for the analysis was based on the transaction log, GPS data, and survey questionnaire. The published work provides insights into the system’s users and trip characteristics during the first year of operations. Moreover, the program has provided an educational platform to introduce alternative modes of transportation and alternative vehicle technologies to thousands of students and staff.

North America’s First E-Bikeshare: A Year of Experience