E-Scooter Safety: Issues and Solutions

LEVER affiliates Laura Sandt and Katie Harmon (UNC) and Chris Cherry (UTK) and outside consultants (Dr. Sanders, Dr. Brown) and Populus (Clewlow and Seki) joined this 30-month project to assess rider behavior issues associated with scooter use. E-scooters offer many potential benefits, including reduced air pollution compared to competing forms of transportation, first and last-mile connections to public transit, increased mobility options, and new revenue sources for cities.  Recently, however, there has been a growing concern with injuries associated with e-scooter use. This research aims to identify emerging behavioral safety issues arising from the expanding use of e-scooters, both rental and privately owned, and develop comprehensive guidance to help affected agencies plan for and mitigate related safety problems. The guidance should include tools, policy alternatives, educational materials, institutional requirements, and other relevant techniques to mitigate, if not eliminate, identified risks.

BTSCRP BTS-10: E-Scooter Safety: Issue and Solutions [Active]