COVID-19 Impacts on Transit, Bike Share, and Scooter Share Systems

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a burden on health care, the economy, transportation, and education around the world. LEVER researchers Cherry and Brakewood (UTK) and MacArthur (PSU) have partnered with Portland’s TriMet, Nashville’s WeGo, BIKETOWN, Bird, Spin, Lime, and the Transit app to investigate the interactions between micromobility use, public transit use, and public perceptions of risk, decision making, and mode choice factors. Funded by NSF rapid grant, comprehensive surveys were designed and sent out in 13 waves, including three intake waves from May 2020 until the end of September 2021. The study aims to examine the relationship between public transit ridership and micromobility use with respondents’ risk perception, attitudes, and sociodemographic characteristics and capture the changes through the pandemic. The findings of the analysis are expected to help policymakers and planners develop a comprehensive multimodal transportation network to cope with the external shocks that can strengthen the resiliency of the city during and after the pandemic.


COVID-19 Impacts on Transit, Bike Share, and Scooter Share System