Electric Scooter Survey Question Toolkit

Inspired by the NACTO bike-sharing survey toolkit, Dr. Chris Cherry and Yi Wen, researchers at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville — have created the E-Scooter Survey Question Toolkit in partnership with NUMO (the New Urban Mobility alliance). Such a tool kit guides researchers, transportation practitioners, and other industry players in designing user surveys that collect consistent, reliable, and comparable data that contribute to a broader understanding of the impacts and use of e-scooters.

Shared micromobility is still technically a newcomer in urban mobility ecosystems. Its direct effects, both positive and negative, can be unclear, posing an issue for city decision-makers. A more straightforward way to answer questions about travel behavior is through surveys. The data gathered through these surveys can inform decision-making regarding the role of shared micromobility in the broader urban transportation ecosystem when coupled with additional analysis. 

The toolkit includes a library of common questions gathered during an analysis of 10 representative e-scooter surveys. The questions have been shorted into seven categories, making finding specific question themes easy. The categories are namely: demographics, motivation, and attitude about e-scooter travel behavior and mode choice, safety, accessibility, program evaluation, and user experience. In addition, the toolkit also includes recommended format for each composite question based on the author’s survey design experience. Moreover, the question in the toolkit can be modified to work in the international context, allowing comparison over different countries.

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