The LEVER Institute is a consortium of researchers tackling important research questions about the role of Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) in the transport system. Micromobility vehicles are poised to disrupt our urban transportation systems and we are on the forefront of research, education, and engagement in this area.


LEVER researchers conduct some of the most impactful micromobility research in the world. Our work provides strong new insights into the roles micromobility vehicles play in urban transportation systems.


The LEVER Initiative began with a multi-stakeholder workshop that identified five key research themes that address many of the main questions faced by stakeholders, and are consistent with the expertise of the LEVER research team.


The LEVER Initiative has dedicated itself to being the gold standard in education within the realm of micromobility. Students are encouraged to be active members participating in research and publications.


As the number of micromobility researchers grows, LEVER has continued to be the leader of quality and volume of publications in the micromobility research community.

About Us

The LEVER Institute on micromobility vehicles aims to bridge academia, industry, government, and non-government organizations to solve pressing challenges related to successful integration of micromobility systems.

Recent News

Behind the Scenes at LEVER

Check out some of the recent micromobility activities of the LEVER team members. We’re conducting studies, publishing papers, and educating students.

LEVER @ TRB 2023
LEVER @ TRB 2023

The Transportation Research Board 102nd annual meeting takes place from 8th to 12th January 2023 in Washington D.C. The Transportation Research...

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Media Coverage

When members of the media want to know the science behind the micromobility story, they turn to LEVER Institute researchers. We are the go-to experts on how the new wave micromobility vehicles fit into and can transform the transportation system.


The LEVER Team

The Light Electric Vehicle Education and Research (LEVER) Institute is a consortium of micromobility researchers and educators that currently includes collaborating faculty and staff from University of Tennessee, Portland State University, University of North Carolina, Queensland University of Technology, and Monash University.